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Meeting Minutes from Monthly Board Meetings




Second Tuesday of Every Month, 6 pm

West Metro Fire Station, 1st and Garrison

95 Garrison Street, Lakewood, CO  80226


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Directors of the Bonvue Water and Sanitation district will hold a regular meeting at 6 pm on the Second Tuesday of Every Month at the West Metro Fire Station at First and Garrison. This meeting will be held for the purpose of conducting such business as may come before the Board. This meeting is open to the public.



  1. Call to Order/Declaration of Quorum

  2. Approval of Minutes

  3. Acceptance of Financials and Paying of the Bills

  4. Past Due List Review

  5. Old Business

  6. New Business

  7. Adjourn

Want to know what topics have been discussed at the monthly Board Meetings? 

Read the Meeting Minutes below:

June 2022:


742nd        MEETING      June 14, 2022


Ed Zimbleman called the 742nd meeting of the Bonvue Water & Sanitation District to order at 6:11 pm at the West Metro Fire Station at 1st and Garrision. Board members present were: Cathy Kentner, Kim Cooley, and  Ed Zimbleman. Angie Zimbleman was also present. Casey Beckett was absent


Motion to accept May minutes was made by Kim Cooley and seconded by Ed Zimbleman.


Motion to accept April and May financials and pay the bills was made by Cathy Kentner and seconded by Kim Cooley.


Past Due Notices will be sent to:





Cut off notice will be sent to:



#47 was sent a notice to be cut off June 15 and we still have not heard from her.  Angie will give the owner a curtesy phone call and we will give her an extension until the end of the month. Cut off July 1.


#6 contacted Angie about his balance due. He wants an explanation about his minimum sewer charge. Ed will invite him to our next board meeting.   



Old Business:

            Election cancelation – Cathy got the notarized form from Denver Post. As soon as she gets the self-nomination forms she will complete.


                        Will with Semocor said that the Backflow program should be completed by 5-12-22. Angie emailed to ask about it but hasn’t heard back.



            Kim and Cathy spoke with another law firm. They are expensive and can help us get over the election issue but can’t represent us ongoing due to their representation of Consolidated Mutual. Cathy will reach back out for their help with election issues and by-laws


Ed met with Denver Water. They are planning on replacing our master meter soon. Water will need to be turned off for at least 8 hours. No time frame yet. Ed is also meeting with Green Mountain Water to set up  a connection so we can hook up to their system to have working hydrants during that time. STILL IN THE WORKS. No new update


#103 has requested a new meter. The cost for a new meter is $200 and $150 for installation and the existing electronics could be reused. Board would rather have the current meter tested. Angie will investigate the cost. Next month we will draft a letter to them. Update: Dana Kepner was supposed to drop off meters and they have not done so. We will swap out the meter and city of Ft Collins will charge $50 for testing


Have not heard from Andrew Stewart about summer sewer fee schedule



New Business:


            Denver Water had a backflow violation. Angie will send out the letter from Denver Water to all of our customers, as required by law. We do not know where the backflow violation occurred. Most likely it was not in Bonvue. To save money, she will include bill with the letter.


            Colorado Sewer service no longer does service after 10 pm or on Sundays. We need a back-up should a back-up occur during those hours.


            Filled out election coordination form. Angie will scan and email it to the county.


            SDA is having a meeting June 23, $30 per person


            SDA had survey on fire prevention. Not sure if it actually got submitted


            Lead pipe form must be submitted by October 2024


With no further business, Ed Zimbleman adjourned the meeting at  6:53 pm

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